Zack Yusof
Zack Yusof is a seasoned journalist, film reviewer, and also frontman for the Free Deserters.

Photo from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Revenant

Birdman director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s brutal tale of revenge, retribution and survival is the sort of epic, groundbreaking filmmaking that informs just as much as it entertains. Obviously, 19th century fur trapping in the wildest of the American west was no walk in the park.

In The Revenant, we get to see exactly how challenging life was out there in the wild frontier. For those brave and tough-as-nails men in the pelt trade they had to contend with all the harsh weather, non-friendly Native American tribes and fierce wild animals. All lovingly detailed in glorious, meticulously choreographed, continuous tracking shot glory as well.

The movie is equal parts National Geographic, History Channel and violent American Western of the very best kind. It is the kind of immersive and spectacular filmmaking that compels one to read up about the period and the people referenced in the movie as soon as the end credits start to roll.