Culture Development

We partner with clients to co-create customised solutions, for real and sustainable organisational change.

Types of Interventions

• We believe in partnering with our clients and work hand-in-hand with them

• We aim to equip participants with competencies and ensure that the project team are equipped with the knowledge to ensure initiatives are sustainable


Core Values Deployment

We deploy core values that allow empowerment at all levels in the organisation, to
• Align top leadership
• Train the trainers
• Build influencers’ commitment
• Deploy core values to all functions in the organisation


Culture Integration

• Leadership alignment and visibility
• Mindset alignment
• Competencies development
• Social impact creation


Talent Development

We shape learning experience based on DJP Learning Prompts and the 70-20-10 learning model.

These prompts are important to knowledge acquisition and are the cornerstone of the learning experience.

These programmes are for:
• Graduates
• First time managers
• Senior managers
• Successors

What our participants say

Culture is not a one-(wo)man show.
We believe in collective ambition and advocacy.