Jerry Yap, a graphic designer by training, a co-business owner by profession and a creative craft maker by passion. Like most working mothers, Jerry has to juggle a schedule between family and work. Despite this, Jerry managed to cut some time out to pursue a creative hobby which she has become rather good at it. Her Takeaway is, “you just have to make time for what you love to do”.


How did you get into this hobby?

I have always liked flowers and I found out about this scented block through a workshop. I was inspire by the beauty of the preserved flower and how it can last for so long. From there I did my own research through Internet. But there was not much information about it. My interest led me to explore further what I have learnt from the internet and combined it with my own experiments to come up with this product. To create something that I love.

Do you think this can be the beginning of a business?

Yes, there is some potential to make earning out of it. As we know nowadays everyone is in fast pace work environment and because of this I feel they sometimes need to release their stress. Working on these scented candle blocks calms me down and makes me happy especially when I give them to friends. They too enjoy the scents and I hope it helps to relieve their stress too. After having started on the hobby for a few months and shared it with my friends, they asked if I would sell it to them so that they could give it away as gifts. I think it’s a unique gift which is made with love. I really hope the person who receives it can feel the love too.

What have you discovered about yourself or the potential of this product from taking up this hobby?

After doing this for month, I felt that I was getting better and my creativity had grown with all the trial and error. I think the satisfaction of seeing my creation. Being appreciated by others and how the candles put a smile on someone’s face is priceless.

facebook_1516198241786How far do you think you can take this as a business if you want to? What are the limitations and the limitations within yourself?

For me if I really want to make profit out of it the only way is to conduct workshops. If want to make it big you need to have lot of man power to produce but it will lose the personal touch that is given by me because it really takes time to produce a gift with  passion. So I think I would rather make less and make sure each one crafted with love.