By Paul Kam
New Zealand has always been famous for its natural beauty. From snow capped mountains, crystal clear glacier lakes, green meadows, the country seems to have it all. To top it off, this country has no poisonous creatures!
What was amazing for me was that despite the large number of tourists the natural attractions seem enhanced and well maintained. Tourists meander through the ready made walkways that are always well kept even though they seem to be in the middle of nowhere.
Image-1Every location we visited were not just beautiful, they had information well displayed on site. For me, as an experiential trainer, this itself would serve as a learning experience for any individual.  I was almost envious looking at how well presented these sites were and wondered why we don’t do the same with the attractions back home in Malaysia with our rainforests and marine life.
 Information centers in Lake Taupo was an attraction in itself and not a garish concrete structure trying to compete with nature. Buildings, walkways and other man made architecture were aesthetically constructed around the beauty of nature and not competing with it.Then it became clear to me that it was the passion the people had for their environment and everything that went with it. These construction, tour packages and even the guides seem to exude pride and an objective to show off the beauty of their country.
In Hobbiton, the guides brought to live what was to be just a static movie set. In the geyser parks, one can easily ignore the smell and instead be engrossed with the beautiful landscape, taking in the information on the boards and listening to guides’ narration.

There is no doubt the New Zealanders were proud of what they have. From the way they speak of their land and country, from the way they present the attractions and from the way they maintain the environment , it is obvious that they are turning passion into profit.