By John Kam
1.How many times have I struggled to get out of bed?
Many many times! I’ve never seen myself as a morning person even though I know I should learn to pick up the habit. I guess I’ve learnt to deal with it as a matter of discipline but some days just make it so tough. Especially when you wanna hide under the covers and wish that the world would leave you alone. But then again, I think many people misunderstand of what an ideal job is. Even if you love your job, there will be some days when you hate it. That’s life. That’s how it is; it’s just a matter of whether there are more good days than bad.

2.How many times have I asked myself why do I need this?
Every time I need to workout! But seriously I guess I I’ve always known why I have to do this haha! The challenge is reminding yourself of it and keeping the reasons relevant whatever they may be.

3.How many times have I given in to doing nothing?
These days that’s a rare privilege. Doing nothing usually entails doing something I want to do rather than something I need to do. Luckily for me, they align most of the time. But you know what sometimes doing nothing helps you think of something. So take some time off to do nothing once a while.