Doreen Phee
1. What is the most challenging part of your career?

I came into this job without the experience of managing or working with wildlife. I have not done things like how to design exhibit, see to technical stuff like pumps and wire fencing. Now I have to look into these aspect of my job and try to learn as much as possible. Before I got into this job I was looking for something part time, to get the experience of working with wildlife. A few days into my new job, I had to put down a terminally ill tiger. That was indeed an experience. Eventhough I am still a vet, I now have to manage 30 over staff. This is more difficult than managing the animals. The challenging part about managing staff is disciplinary problems and some just don’t follow rules.

2. How do you overcome this problems?

I keep telling myself that this experience will be good for me and that in future I may need to handle more staff. I counsel my staff a lot.It’s like teaching young children. You have to talk to them like adult but yet they behave like kids.

3. How do you keep yourself going?

I tell myself that I would learn a lot of lessons which people rarely have the chance to learn.I am motivated when I see team spirit amongst my staff . When they feel very “semangat”and cared for and that someone is watching over them, they would work together happily. That gives me the joy and that is my drive to keep me going.

Doreen Phee worked as a vet at a stud farm in Ipoh for several years before taking on the smaller animals as a vet in a clinic. She recently moved on to managing a zoo in Tambun, Ipoh