Time to start thinking like an entrepreneur!

What happens when Business As Usual is no longer enough? Here are five takeaways to thinking like an entrepreneur.

 #1: Have A Goal

A clear vision supported by well-defined goals will help keep you determined against the odds.

 #2: Customer Convenience is Key

Put the customer first and help them get what they want in the simplest way. This requires an end-to-end thought process of the customer experience.

 #3: Communicate Intent

Customers need to understand products and processes.

Communicating your intent to help customers understand better will help you build trust.

 #4: Continuously Learn

There are learning opportunities and tools everywhere.

Take charge of your growth by continuously learning new things!

 #5: Take Action

No change will happen until you start taking action. A challenge will remain a problem until you take time to plan and execute. Try, fail, try again.

This is from our Chalkboard interview with Alfred Yan, entrepreneur and founder of e-commerce platforms, Haodah.com and Trodiv.com.

Listen to the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/djunglepeople/growing-big-the-haodah-way