Crisis Management ≠ Crisis Leadership

Agility is not a one-off event; crisis management is not crisis leadership. We’ve experienced rapid changes in facing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. If you’ve achieved some stability, how should you continue to adapt for the future?

Beat the odds: from mediocre to MVP

How do business leaders beat the odds for success, in a time of constant change? Can a mediocre business thrive, peak and come out as an MVP? Leading businesses in uncharted territories, we need to build internal capacities, mindsets and behaviours in the face of continuous change.

Post-pandemic is now, not tomorrow. Your leadership is necessary TODAY.

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The “10-10-10” strategic planning framework and its application for your business


Building blocks of decisive leadership and behaviours that create stability


Critical data points for decision making & how to act on imperfect information

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