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About ECPT

ECPT (EduGuy Career Predictive Test) is a state of the art Career Counseling Service powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning.

This new tool is a unique software product and one of the most advanced career predictive assessment provided by EduGuy and IBM jointly.

ECPT is a 120-minute AI-powered Career Test that has three segments in the module, highlighting the IBM’s 3-A Career Recommendation Framework, based on the foundation of three factors: Attitude, Aptitude & Aspiration.

Depending upon the scores one gets from Aptitude and Attitude sections, and Interests are shown, this AI algorithm discusses the user’s true potential, ability and in the end provides 3 best-fit career recommendations.

The scores are represented with a spider or radar chart, a two-dimensional chart that plots the series of values over multiple quantitative variables, expressing one’s strengths and weaknesses.

DJP is the sole distributor of ECPT in Malaysia and Indonesia.

ECPT Free vs Paid

What’s the difference?

You can either opt for a Free Test which will help you to get a feel of the actual Test based on IBM’s Al capabilities OR you can go straightway for the Paid Test which will clearly give you the 3 best suited Career choices along with the detailed IBM Report. It’s almost like your Career Horoscope. You can now make your own Career choice based on scientific and Al driven IBM technology. So, what are you waiting for?

Top 3 careers recommended to you by the world's most powerful AI technologies powered by IBM

Our recommendations are based upon IBM’s 3-A Career Recommendation Framework, your interests, personality and aptitude scores.


Test Requirements

  1. You need to take the test only on a Desktop or Laptop. Mobile Browser does not support it.
  2. ECPT is a 120-minute Al powered Career Test that has three segments in the module highlighting IBM’s 3-A Career Recommendation Framework, based on the foundation of three factors, Attitude, Aptitude & Aspiration.
  3. The different tests you would have to take are ‘Attitude’, ‘Aptitude’ and ‘Aspiration’ in that order.
  4. It is not mandatory to attempt all tests together in one sitting.

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