Recharge, Rejunevate & Thrive

Nobody Like To Run On Empty

Nobody likes running on empty

Good news: You don’t have to!

Join this limited two-day programme with Emily Chin and learn how to Recharge, Rejuvenate & Thrive for continuous excellence at work!

In times of uncertainty, it’s easier to default to the bare minimum at work.

We’re on track to a global workplace burnout of middle managers and junior executives. To truly thrive, one needs to snap out from the struggle to stave off exhaustion.

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Mental Models

To navigate challenging times


Simple Routines

For personal well-being


Control Over Circumstances

With short & long-term habits


Reinforced Learning

For countinous excellence

Meet Your Trainer

Emily Chin

Emily gets full stars from her workshop participants consistently for delivery, knowledge, approachableness and interactivity. She’s a trainer, coach, consultant and development strategist with over 14 years in talent management and leadership development.

She believes that while people are nuanced, motivating them is universal: mindsets, behaviours and competencies. This has proven results across industry verticals, organisational sizes, seniority and teams.

She is the Head of Business at D Jungle People, certified and qualified as an ITD performance coach, Celemi trainer, HRDF trainer, CCL 360 Assessment and Caliper consultant.

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Recharge, Rejunevate & Thrive