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Team Enhancement

Our overall aim is to improve team performance and enhance workplace culture to help you achieve great results within your organisation.

We work with clients to build strong, effective teams that delivers results for the organisation. Our programme specialises in assisting teams in 2 states:

1) Maintenance – Looking at continued team development and how to sustain/elevate performance; and

2) Intervention – Identifying and resolving specific issue(s) that is holding the team back. Having won the Gold Award for Best Team Building Provider in the 2015 Human Resources Vendor of the Year Award, we definitely know what we’re doing.

“We can’t build your team for you, but we can provide your team with the right tools to do it yourself.” The performance and stability of a team is strongly influenced by the circumstances surrounding the team and their maturity. We believe that the best representation of a team’s development needs is this: Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development. This model identifies the key stages of team building and discusses the key challenges teams need to overcome together to perform well.

Challenges faced at each stage:

  1. Forming – People are careful around each other, focused on their own tasks / uninterested in others, work is sometimes delayed as people are not familiar with the processes, low trust
  2. Storming – Conflicts between individuals, Silos may start to form, may observe an increase turnover rate
  3. Norming – People start settling into routines (potential complacency), fatigue may start to set in, levels of ownership start to increase, occasionally the team may swing back to “Storming” stage as they encounter new challenges
  4. Performing – Teams are performing at the peak of their abilities

Upon careful analysis of the whole ecosystem of your team, DJP is able to deliver team building sessions that are relevant and useful to teams at specific points of their development to help them move more quickly towards the “Performing” Stage.

Based on our understanding of how teams progress through various stages, we’ve identified the following criterias as crucial for teams in each stage and developed the solutions to complement them:

1) Forming

  • Relationship-Building
  • Sharing a Common Goal
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Creating a Vibrant Culture

2) Storming

  • Understanding Working Styles
  • Improving Communication
  • Silo Busting
  • Conflict Resolution

3) Norming

  • High Performance Culture
  • Building resilience
  • Process Improvement
  • Culture embedment

4) Performing

  • Continuous improvement
  • Sustaining Energy & Morale
  • Celebrating Success
  • Avoiding Complacency