Our Services

Leadership Enhancement

We understand that for any established leader, problems are rarely simple. That’s why, we specialise in developing experiential leadership programmes for leaders who will gain the skills, competency and confidence to lead people from different backgrounds.

We develop and deliver training session(s) for leaders and would-be leaders to build their competencies to lead people towards delivering results for the organisation. We also partner with organisations to develop a holistic approach towards developing leaders by complementing their existing learning ecosystems.

Leaders progress through their leadership journey much like how we progress through life. The challenges and responsibilities get increasingly complex as leaders move through each stage and so do the skills and competencies required to manage them.

We have identified the 3 main leadership roles that individuals need to master in their leadership journey:

  1. Leading Self – Being a manager of self by personally delivering excellent individual results
  2. Leading Others – Being more externally focused by managing other people and delivering organisation’s results through others
  3. Leading Business – A more expansive focus that is centered on delivering business results

Our solutions are developed and categorised based on our understanding of the challenges that each leader faces in the key leadership transitions in their lives. We’ve identified the following skillsets as crucial for individuals in each stage and developed the our programmes to complement them:

  1. Leading Self – Time Management, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Learning Agility
  2. Leading Others – Delegation, Engaging Others,  Resolving Conflicts, Managing Generations
  3. Leading Business – Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Aspiration Setting