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Ray Lee

1.How did you come into the film industry as you are also a guitar shop owner? Many challenges let you up this path, just tell us a few.

Ever since I was a kid it has always been my ambition to produce and direct a movie.I fell in love with film production when I first watched movies at the age of 8. My dad brought me to watch the first movie,Bambi (Walt Disney), and I also watch a lot of TVB HK drama. This has given me a new breath of life. Ever since then I have planned slowly to come into this industry.My first move was to become a photographer and later I became a music entrepreneur. When business in selling musical instruments stabilised , I jumped into Film Production albeit with no experience! I realised making film needs big money so I just left my dream aside and pursued it when my business was okay. I became a film producer and director at the age of 36. It may be a bit late to start but with all my photography experience it helped me to pick up the skill of film production fast.

883358_4674418382865_1247520555_oMy challenges and obstacles now are in manpower, crew and dealing with people’s attitude. It is hard to find crew or film workers with enthusiasm. And also, like-minded people like me -Crazy! The other more pertinent challenges are to find investors and a platform to screen our film.We need a bigger platform to screen our film. Not just on Youtube but perhaps on the big screen.

10410157_10202617825111246_5376170180481523097_n2. What was your most dire or urgent moment in your business/career?

There was a time when I had spent all my savings on buying cameras, accessories and to make matters worse some of the crew had stolen my equipment.But I just had to go because it was my dream and I managed to produce a music video shoot on the Great Wall of China in a very short period of time.


3. What was your dream before and what is your dream now?                

Once upon a time, my dream was to open a Guitar Shop because I am a guitarist. I have already achieve that dream. My next dream is to become a Hollywood film director!