New Su Shern is currently pursuing her final year in Bachelor of Business Marketing. She is currently the founder and president of Project Liber8 which is an anti-human trafficking campaign that hopes to inspire the public, primarily the younger generation. Project Liber8 has become an inspiration for many youths who have then organized various youth centric events and works very closely with the government, U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, international and local organizations that fight against the same cause.

Q1.Describe the most challenging time when you first embarked on this project? 

The most challenging time when I first embarked on this project was finding the right people. The people in the organisation play a very big role in how successful and driven your organisation is going to be. When I first started Project Liber8, I didn’t know where to look for people that shared the same passion and commitment towards the cause and the organisation.
Q2.How did you handle these challenges? 
Although that sounded like a dream come true, it was definitely the toughest thing to do – working with your peers especially when we were all friends. There were times when we had really big arguments and we just couldn’t see eye to eye in things. But I soon figured out that not only is it important to ensure the people are as passionate and committed as you, they need to work as hard as they possibly can to ensure the organisation grows. So it’s so important to manage people within the organisation and nurture the talents of the people around you.This is how I ensure people not only enjoy working in the organisation but also know that there’s an opportunity for them to grow together with the organisation.
Q3.When the going got tough,what happened?Was there a time you considered giving up?
What really motivates me to not give up and keep going is because it’s amazing to see how much talent and how gifted the team really is and I continue to be so proud to be part of something great that we are all producing together.