Potential growth is an important aspect of leadership. This is because the race to win does not end at the finishing line. Therefore, a good leader will always grow and adjust his styles to motivate the team. So that everyone will be running together.

Learning never stops. And this is particularly true for people who see potential growth for
themselves or the company.

If you are mindful, there are always new things to learn from our environment and our community
which includes our colleagues and clients. But to do this one needs to adopt an outward mindset. And this is to think beyond yourself.

Most of us tend to walk around with preconceived notions of the world around us. And because of
this we do not see people and situations for what they are but what we think they are. As a result of this, we reject feedbacks and we continue to do things the way we do.

If we should translate this attitude into the business world, we would then be producing good that nobody wants.

Change mindset
In order to begin this process of learning and changing our mindset we need to change the way
we engage with the world.

PARTICIPANTS OF Fullerton finance myanmar company limited

Bringing this awareness to a recent leadership training programme with Fullerton Finance Myanmar Company Limited, D Jungle People trainers heard this from a participant Ma Phyu Phyu
Khine Zar Thet:
“Before I joined Fullerton, there were not many things I know about the company. But through
feedback I learned alot more. So when learning new things, feedback is very important to add to
what we already know.”

Another participant Ko Min Min Zaw adds: “We need to know what clients need and want. We cannot sell things we think they need and want. We cannot assume. We must know. So we need to seek more information.”

While this outward mindset helps potential growth of a business it should also be adopted
internally with peer to peer feedback and management to staff feedback. Feedback helps to give
certainty and direction to employee performance to help them reach their goals.

However, giving feedback is not an easy task as the receiver may take it personally. Learning to
give and receive feedback is a whole different learning session. But feedback is necessary to
outline an employees potential growth.

Sometimes after knowing what it takes to grow the employee struggles to get there. This whole
scenario is also another learning point for the Fullerton group.

“During the challenges, there were many things we have not done before. But because we had the high desire to win we tried everything. For example, in my group some team members were physically weaker than I, but they tried the physical challenges anyway. This helped to motivate each other to do more,” says Ko S’ Thiri Aung.

This lesson can easily be applied to our daily struggles at work where struggling to achieving your goal is an inspiration to your colleagues. Besides, don’t hesitate to ask for help or seek mentorship. You don’t have to struggle alone.

“At work, when we know the team can do more, some of us who are better need to show that it
can be done. We need to get everyone to have the same desire so we need to motivate each
other,” Ko S’ Thiri Aung sums it up succinctly.

Motivate each other
Motivation is a powerful tool to keep a strong team afloat against competition. Competition is
always at the heel of the best. But competition always brings out the best in a team. However too
much of this can put immense pressure on the team.

Competition should serve to bring the team together strengthening interdepartmental
building teams, up skilling, developing good communication skills and training in future skills.

Taking the cue from what Ko Min Min Zaw has learnt,”Getting information on clients is important. We need to know what clients need and want. We cannot sell things we think they need and want. We cannot assume. We must know. So we need to seek more information.”

That being the basis for staying ahead in the race, the team need to keep abreast with knowing
what the clients really want. This can be achieved via survey, keeping ears to the ground and
maintaining working communications with clients.

A winning team is always on the same page; to be well aware of the company’s goals and
mission. And to have ownership of this race knowing they are trusted and they can have their
views heard.