1.How would you explain to a 7-year-old the meaning of respect?
Probably choose an example of how to show respect. Like when the child speaks and the parents listen. Help him understand first that respect is not doing whatever we want. For instance, I would explain to my nephew that his grandma is much older and has gone through experiences that he cannot yet understand. So he should respect what she says or do for him.

2.How would you explain respect to a 17-year-old?
For teens I would ask them what makes them feel good or bad and what they would like others to do to show them respect. This decision of how they want to project their image to others is important. And to let them know that how others treat them is usually based on how they project themselves. If you are loud and have an opinion about everything it would be difficult to expect others to respect your thoughts.

3.How would you explain to a 22-year-old that freedom to express can often lead to disrespect?
Expression of personal emotions and expression of fact are two different things. Emotions are reflections of self. Respect for others requires one to consider the other person’s thoughts and feelings over and above your own. Freedom does not imply anarchy or no rules. Society has norms and following some of these norms shows respect. Or the world would be chaotic.