Colleen Rosanna Augustin

You have tried many sports how did you end up with obstacle racing? 

I have always been very competitive as a kid. I have done many sports; from the usual martial arts to hiking and even dancing – ballet. I adapt easily to any sport. My body adjusts well to whichever sport I pick up. My first Spartan race was in 2015 when I was 17. I went in telling myself that “I am here, I am ready let’s just see what happens.” I won! This sport is biggest overseas and to know where I stand I need to compare myself with competitors overseas. In the qualifier at Hong Kong I won third place and I was a proud Malaysian standing beside two very strong Caucasian women. 

What is the toughest part of your training for the Spartan race

I have high expectations of myself and I tend to beat myself up whenever I fail to execute a move the way I want to. Usually my coaches or my parents would help talk me through it. But when they are not around I have learnt to step back and try to figure it out instead of just getting emotional and beating myself up. 

This race is an arduous test of endurance how do you pace yourself? 

Before the Spartan race I used to go for Viper challenges. For me, when I go for these obstacle challenges I just want to do it to test myself. During every race I would see what I needed to improve on and go. Sometimes when I trained I don’t rest or sleep enough and my body crashes. This comes as a shock to me. But I am learning from this. I learn to tell myself that I am really satisfied with my performance and it would usually turn out well. 

What is your goal now? 

I want to be the first Asia Pacific Championship series champion and to be the proud Malaysian holding the flag. 

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