Photo courtesy of Disney

By Moey Mi Lin

I went to watch the latest The Jungle Book movie couple of weekends ago and I found myself reflecting a lot throughout the movie (where previously, it was purely for entertainment purpose).  There are so many great lessons to learn from this classic story.  Here are 3 that I remembered most vividly:

1.Bagheera, the panther said to Baloo, the bear:  “Bears cannot climb. But, he can if he continues to look up”

Very true.  Speaking in public and facilitation were never my natural talent.  But, working in a company where our core business revolves around facilitating and training people, I aspire to be a good facilitator. Like Baloo finding it a challenge to climb, I find public speaking a challenge for me. I had to put in more hours to learn and to practice, compared with others.  It took me longer than some people to reach to the level that was desired, but, it was not impossible.

2.The wolf that comes together will prosper, but, the wolf that leaves will die.  

This reminded me of the year where we had to forego a potentially big business deal due to conflict of beliefs.  Everyone in DJP came together to support the decision to stand firm on our principles. That year, our revenue was the highest since the inception of DJP. Everyone put in their effort in sales and other functions.

3.No matter if you are with the wolves, there is still human in you.

This is a great reminder to me that different people have different traits that determined our behaviours.  A great reminder to me to not expect people to be like me but to accept them for who they are as different individuals.  Only when I understand them will I be able to tap on their strengths to get the desired results.