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by Paul Kam

When we were young, we would be asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For young children, a policeman, a pilot, or a firefighter are common answers. For young adults, some choose their path based on extrinsic benefits, some make their choices based on intrinsic values. After spending almost two decades working with all levels of organisations to make the corporate world a better place, our D Jungle People trainers have noticed a thing or two.

There is always a solution. Although the giant planet destroying weapon seemed impossible to stop, the Resistance still found a way. They didn’t just say it was impossible and wait for the inevitable. They took action.

So many heroes reflected the spirit of persistence and resilience. Rey, in waiting for her family and collecting scrap, Finn in escaping from one challenge to another, and the search for Luke. For decades they searched but they never gave up. Once you have set your mind on something, then focus on it and never look back.

Talent is found in every single person. Rey always had the Force in her. It helped her fight off the Dark Side and grew powerful when she finally embraced it. Like her, we must be conscious of our talents and have the courage to grow it for the benefit of ourselves and the world at large.