Fei Wen the artist is second from left.
By Michelle Lim

Ling Fei Wen is a burst of energy and passion – and that translates into her weekend business (when she’s not working her fulltime job). Artesque is a serene space to experience an art retreat – in beautiful Sekeping Jugra – where patrons can indulge themselves into an Art Jam session and be free to express themselves.

Fei Wen tells us why she loves Art Jams, and why you should too!

1. The freedom to express
I was never good at painting in school but I have always enjoyed admiring paintings and the emotions it evoked. Not too long ago in my adult life, I was invited by a friend to try my hand on an art jam session at Cups n Canvas in Singapore and BAM! I loved it! I enjoyed the option of solo activity or a kind of solitude that allows me a break free from the rush, and it felt rather fulfilling to create something with my own hands!

2. Serenity with no strings attached
I came back to Malaysia couldn’t find a space that provides the sweet spot of, painting with professional guidance, so I thought “why not create an ‘art sharing space’, instead of just me painting at home without any guidance or signing up for lessons which I cant commit to?” Eventually, I came across a beautiful charming space (Sekeping Jugra) and turned it into a personal weekend project to invite everyone to come share the space and to paint at their own free time.

3. Learn to take things slow in a fast-paced world
Oil paints are the primary medium provided, which is a slow dry medium, in a way to help slow down our pace, and encouraging a much more relaxed pace. We want art jammers to complete their art work over a few sessions rather than rushing their work in one session (of three hours). It’s about taking the time to relax and create, a respite from our hectic or the opposite spectrum of a mundane schedule.

4. Open to both amateurs and experienced art enthusiasts
Art is for everyone and so I believe that anyone can paint if they wanted to try. It’s the heart in all of us wanting to do something for ourselves. Customers living in the city are always looking to relax, or go for a retreat or rebalance their lifestyle, and painting is really a surprising find for those who enjoy it.

5. Learn something new
Once in a while, Artesque runs workshops that do not involve painting – but other ways to explore creativity like macrame (a form of textile art produced with knotting) and a Christmas wreath-making workshop. Art is a very personalized experience, no one can really tell you what it is like until you try your hands on and go through the process. Some say it’s therapeutic, others find it an incredible discovery they never knew about themselves. It’s really personalized.