On BERNAMATV today (April 8) DJP CEO John Kam talks about how to engage the millennials in the workforce. It is an issue that many senior corporate people have been grappling with. While there is no one solution it was interesting to learn from what John have said – Yuit Ying Chen


My takeaways are pretty apparent

1. We should really stop generalising and stop expecting the millennial to be like us. They grew up in a very different era and social environment where they have the luxury of choice. Having said this there is no one mould that produces who they are. We need to treat them as individuals. If we are able to reach each person as a person and not as a generation, they are likely to engage with you better.

2. Do not expect them to stay long in a workplace. The same luxury of choice, the vast resources and the internet help to nurture their exploratory spirit. They are seldom motivated by how much they can earn but rather what excitement they can derive from the job at hand.
So John’s suggestion is to have a strategy in place that takes into consideration that their tenure in the company that they work will ultimately will not be as long as you would like.

If there is no one solution, I would like to hear how others deal with their millennials.