Having worked with a good team for a number of years, the MD for Kwasa Land Sdn Bhd Dato’ Mohd Lotfy Mohd Noh has this quick #Takeaway to share. He cited three main ingredients for a successful team.

CEO of D Jungle People John Kam (right) and Kwasa Land MD Dato’ Mohd Lotfy Mohd Noh

If the value of honesty is not in place, we will be tempted. In our line of work, it is so easy to make ‘extra money’. If we don’t have a hard line towards honesty, quality will drop and the country will be affected in the long term.

2. Can Do Attitude
You may not be able to do it yourself but there will be people around you that will be able to leverage on them. In our organisation, we make it a point to help each other resolve problems. Every evening Iskandar (Senior GM) will have a team huddle to ensure that the challenges of the day have been resolved. This helps build teamwork in a practical and real manner.

3. Creativity
There are many ways of doing something. Why limit yourself? Follow the rules but think out of the box. For example, one of my philosophies in Kwasa Land is ensuring family welfare.
Employees are encouraged to build a happy and healthy family unit. If they have a problem there, they can go fix it first and tell me later. Not the other way around! That way they are happier and they ‘pay back’ the time lost during other times!