About D Jungle People

We started around a campfire with a desire to change the world. Twenty years on, the fire still burns strong.

We believe in being dynamic so that our energy can inspire others to achieve their goals, joyful so that our optimism is infectious, and purposeful as a reminder that life is more meaningful when we’re not alone.

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We build people,
people build companies.

Our expertise and experience in learning, training and consulting makes us excellent partners for your growth. Connect with us below!

Paul Kam

Group Managing Director​

John Kam

Co-Founder, CEO

Moey Mi Lin​

Head of Business​

Emily Chin​

Head of Business​

Kelley Soon​

Manager, Facilitator​

Teh Sue Fei​

Manager, Facilitator​

Iylia Kamal​


Jayden Low​


Timothy Teoh


Soo​ Woon Yee


Boh Boon Chiang


Calvyn Laang


7 Ways We Keep It Real

To preach great practice, we practice what we preach.

This is how we do it.

We believe in the power of teams

Leveraging off each other is what we do best and allows us to be our best. Clients get the best of ALL of us, all the time!

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture is a key building block.
The people build the culture and culture builds people. Need we say more?

Work hard, play hard

Having fun is hard work: We are willing to make it work, working hard, playing hard!

Hand, head, heart

Hand, head, heart: Leadership has to have a meaningful vision, the right competencies and compassion; our people, company and solutions for clients reflect that.

High standards

We don’t tolerate low standards: Nuff said.

Doing Good before Profits

Difference > Profits: We believe that profit happens when businesses leave a positive impact or make a difference on society, the environment, or individuals.

Lift each other up

We lift each other up. We ask why, and why not?
The obstacle to success is apathy and complacency. We keep each other on our toes and keep each other accountable!

Corporate Social Responsibility

We create businesses that make a difference by balancing the needs of the community, profit and the environment.

Businesses have a responsibility to the context they operate in. They have such a pervasive influence that it is difficult to separate one from the other. 

We believe in playing a role in helping our community around them and to inspire them to move forward.

We take this seriously. We aim to create positive, lasting change and bring tangible value to the world by empowering individuals to actively shape the community and environment around them.


We believe in adding value and impacting communities positively. It is a privilege to be able to play our part.


We believe that success happens not just financially, but also in how we learn lessons along the way.


Our actions and habits impact the environment directly. We have to act responsibly for our common and better future.

Our CSR Projects

Stewardship & community matter.
Do well by doing good.